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Thursday 07 June 2018

0800 - 1030 SESSION 1



0800 – 1030 Master Class 1 (for doctors and fellows)

Chair: Stephen Fenton

0800 - 0900 Warm-up lectures:

0800 - 0835 “When do you need to consider ablation for your patients with VT and VF?”  Sam Asirvatham

0835 - 0845 Questions and discussion - Sam Asirvatham 

0845 - 0905 “The case against intervention in chronic total occlusion: a surgeon’s perspective” Michael Mack

0905 - 1030 Module 1 Case-based questions 

Introduction: Rick Nishimura

Moderators: Rick Nishimura, Carole Warnes, Greg Scalia

Panel: Bernard Gersh, Bob Vogel, Lynne Pressley, David Colquhoun, Clara Chow

0830 - 1030 Secret Sonographers Business 1 (for sonographers and trainees)

Chairs: David Prior, Tony Forshaw

0830 - 0832 Welcome and introduction - chairs

0832 - 0847 “Diastolic function assessment in 2018: a very brief overview” Darryl Burstow

0847- 0902 “Diastolic cases: the guidelines in practice (illustrative case examples)” Bonita Anderson

0902 - 0920 “Aortic valve assessment in the TAVR era” Liza Thomas

0920 - 0930 “Common measurement errors in AVR assessment” Ruth Ramm

0930 - 0948 “What operation is that? Know the plumbing following surgical repair for CHD” Dorothy Radford

0948 -1000 “Congenital heart disease cases with audience questions” Rachael Cordina, David Scicluna

1000 -1030 “Cases, Cases, Cases: From the ICU, cath lab and more!” David Platts, Ryan Maxwell, Phil Currie

1030 -1100 Coffee Break and Expo

1100 - 1315 SESSION 2

Special Symposium: “Women and CV Disease”

Chairs: Gemma Figtree, Emily Granger

1100 -1120 “Monet or Manet? What’s different about women and how to recognize female-pattern cardiovascular disease?” Noel Bairey Merz

1120 -1140 “CV disease in women - can pregnancy predict future risk?” Carole Warnes

1140 -1200 “Heart Failure in women - from cause to cure” Chris Hayward

1200 -1220 “Are arrhythmias different in women?” Sam Asirvatham

1220 -1240 “Heart disease and pregnancy: what you need to know” Carole Warnes

1240 -1255 “Indications and issues with CT testing in women” Matt Budoff

1255 -1315 Panel discussion: Sam Asirvatham, Noel Bairey-Merz, Matt Budoff, Chris Hayward, Carole Warnes

1315 -1355 Lunch and Expo

Thursday Concurrent Workshops

Attend 2 of 8 workshops. Stay in one if you prefer or move between 2 of your choosing.

1355 - 1455 Concurrent Workshops A

A1 ECG Pearls with Sam Asirvatham

Supported by David Whalley, Mark McGuire

A2 Surgery and Intervention - Structural

Chairs: Martin Ng, Manu Mathur

Minilecture 1: “Surgical treatment of MR” Jurgen Passage

Minilecture 2: “An update on new and novel valves and devices” Ravi Bindi

Cases: Emily Granger & Rahul Sharma

Panel: Darren Walters, Aubrey Almeida, Greg Scalia, Hugh Wolfenden, Julie Humphries, Sharon Kay

A3 Lipids and Prevention

Chairs: David Sullivan, Warwick Bishop

Minilecture 1: "How gene-based lipid trials are affecting your practice "Bob Vogel

Minilecture 2: “The benefits of garlic” Matt Budoff   

Cases: Bob Vogel & Len Kritharides

Panel: David Colquhoun, Tony Keech, Con Aroney, Richard Dunn, Matt Budoff, Christian Hamilton-Craig, Paul Nestel

A4 Women and Cardiovascular Disease

Chairs: Lynne Pressley, Helen Thomson

Minilecture 1: “Managing anticoagulation in pregnancy” Carole Warnes

Minilecture 2: “AMI with no obstructive CAD - fact or fiction?” Noel Bairey Merz 

Cases Noel Bairey Merz and Carole Warnes

Panel: Clara Chow, Julie Mundy, Rebecca Kozor, Rachael Cordina, Gemma Figtree, Liza Thomas

1455 Bell Ring and Changeover

1500 - 1600 Concurrent Workshops B

B1 ECG Pearls with Sam Asirvatham

Supported by David Whalley, Mark McGuire

B2 Surgery and Intervention - Coronary

Chairs: Hugh Wolfenden, Julie Mundy

Minilecture 1: “Evolution and future direction of coronary stents” Rahul Sharma

Minilecture 2: “Design of a coronary bypass operation” Peter Tesar

Cases: Martin Ng & Craig Juergens

Panel: Peter Tesar, Manu Mathur, Aubrey Almeida, Andrew MacIsaac, Jason Sharp, Brian Bailey

B3 Sports Cardiology

Chairs: David Prior, Aaron Baggish

Minilecture 1: “Devices in athletes” Chris Semsarian

Minilecture 2: “Current roles for ECG screening and functional testing” Andre La Gerche

Cases: Bob Vogel & Rick Nishimura

Panel: Tony Freeman, Fiona Foo, Andre La Gerche, Chris Semsarian, Lynne Pressley, Sharon Kay

B4 Imaging in Clinical Practice

Chairs: David Platts, Rachael Cordina

Case presentations:

Case 1: Stuart Moir “Why is my patient short of breath”

Case 2: Carole Warnes “A case of congenital heart disease”

Case 3. Leah Wright “Pulmonary hypertension”

Case 4. Raj Puranik “CMR in clinical practice”

Case 5. Ryan Maxwell “A case of dyspnea and murmur”

Panel: Darryl Burstow, Helen Thomson, Liza Thomas, Ruth Ramm, Julie Humphries, Bonita Anderson, Greg Scalia


1600 -1630 Coffee Break and end of Thursday clinical sessions


1630 - 1715 OPTIONAL SESSION 4 (for doctors)

“Update on Medicare Review” Rick Harper



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